How to improve quayside KPIs?

World Port Development asked us about the benefits of AI-based OCR solutions for container handling processes and what effects such technologies have on the operations of marine and intermodal terminals. Visy’s Global Sales & Marketing Director John Lund wrote an insightful and comprehensive review about how these technologies are utilized to deliver the great advantages of process automation.

Improve container handling operations with container OCR

For the modern GOS (Gate Operating System), it makes little difference if we are talking about quayside, truck gate, rail, or even yard processes. The access and area management requirements for each of those operational areas are fundamentally the same:

1) Identify assets (trucks, CHE, cargo, people, etc.)
2) Digitise and share relevant data with 3rd party systems such as the TOS
3) Allow the assets to move against the reference of a correct work order or create an exception handling event if there is a conflict

When we use the term“process automation” in the context of a GOS, those three overarching aspects may have different implications depending which part of the operation is in focus. In the article we will explore the details of quayside process automation using a modern GOS, and what it means for the terminal’s IT and operations teams.

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