Visy TopView – Spreader OCR

Enhance visibility in container handling with spreader OCR

Visy TopView is a spreader OCR camera system that automatically identifies container IDs from the tops of containers. The system is compatible with every container handling equipment type and brand, transforming any spreader into a smart device.

Smart implementation

Visy TopView is a compact system in which all equipment is installed directly on the spreaders, including cameras, illuminators, and the recognition PC. Intelligent container OCR software selects the results to achieve high recognition rates of up to 99.5%, thus verifying that each movement of cargo goes as planned. The system is a reliable partner for terminal operators in container handling processes, as it captures container data in real-time and smoothly exchanges the information with TOS.

TopView can be installed to any type of container handling equipment, including single, tandem, twin, and quad spreaders.

Increase accuracy of operations

With Visy TopView, no container is being stacked or loaded to wrong location regardless of whether the operation commences over vessel, truck, train, or yard. The system increases accuracy of operations by alarming containers that are not found in a crane’s work-order. By confirming each container move with Visy TopView, container handling procedures become more visible and accurate, which brings reliability to moves if exception handling cases occurs.

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Cost-efficient option to utilize automation in CHE
Increases handling volumes
Enhances accuracy and safety


Automatic recognition of container IDs from container roofs

In-house OCR software: high recognition accuracy of 98%  99.5%

Match container ID with work-order

Twin-Twenty Detection System (TTDS) prevents accidental twin lifts when the spreader is in single lift position

Container roof images for damage inspection




See also: Visy Crane OCR

Installations to any type of crane equipment, including single, tandem, twin, and quad spreaders

Extensive data exchange and interfacing with third-party systems (TOS, POS, ERP)

Customizable application and user interface


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