Visy Truck OCR Portal

Advanced container OCR and cargo data collection solution for road transportation

Visy Truck OCR Portal automatically recognizes and images containers, trailers and vehicles that are entering or leaving a facility, without the need to interrupt traffic. The container OCR portal is a unique solution with exceptional real-life accuracy of 98-99.5% correct recognitions even with driving speeds of up to 50 km/h. The practical, yet intelligent solution exchanges extracted identification data with operating systems (TOS, GOS and other 3rd-party systems) thus ensuring smooth flow of traffic at terminals’ gate areas.

Imaging and recognition take place as vehicles drive through the portalaccelerating gate transactions and pre-advising terminal operators of incoming cargo. 


Intelligent data capturing & sharing environment

Visy Truck OCR Portal’s recognition equipment and software create a single intelligent traffic management environment: The portal solution combines Visy’s industry-leading computer vision and container OCR software with line scan and area scan camera technologies which capture high-quality images and recognize vehicle and container identifiers in any environmental condition. Visy Truck OCR portal is equipped with laser scanners and efficient illuminators to facilitate reliable 24/7 operation and to maintain a high recognition rate.

The OCR portal gathers applicable data and validates the best results to always hit high rates in recognition accuracy.

Visy Measurement Portal

Visy Measurement Portal (VMP) measures and weighs vehicles and cargo while they are entering or leaving the terminal. VMP provides terminal operators accurate measurement and volume information of the traffic, delivering improved planning for vessels’ loading processes. 

Visy Measurement Portal is equipped with laser scanners and WIM scales to gather exact length measurements and to weigh arriving vehicle with cargo. The captured data is brought to Visy Access Gate (gate operating system) and exchanged with TOS (or other third-party systems).

See also Visy Container Damage Detection System

Accelerates gate transactions
Reduces operating expenses
Clears liabilities for damaged containers


Exceptional recognition rate accuracy of 97-99.5%

Container OCR: in-house recognition software for attributes such as container IDs, ISO codesIMO labels, gross weight, seal presence

Trailer OCR: ILU-codes

In-house ANPR software for license plates (wide range of nationalities)

Non-stop traffic flow, supports speeds of up to 50 km/h

Small footprint and two-directional operation with exceptional performance 

Works in harsh weather – Installations from -40°C to +50°C

Visy Virtual Trigger – Software option to trigger recognition events

Robust portal frame with line scan and area cameras, laser scanners, illuminators, and electrical cabinets

Integration to Visy Access Gate GOS or other gate operating systems

Extensive data exchange and interfacing with third-party systems (TOS, POS, ERP)

Applications for container terminals, logistics, manufacturing industry, law enforcement

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