Increased container handling efficiency and reliability

Visy RMG OCR images and identifies containers while they are being handled by RMG spreaders. The solution automatically acquires container IDsdamage inspection images, and location information as containers are moved at rail interchange areas. Visy RMG OCR provides a faster and more cost-efficient way to automate RMG operations.


Visy RMG OCR utilizes a similar setup to a traditional OCR portal in which the crane itself becomethe portal structure.

The solution is equipped with Visy TopView – spreader OCR for RMG spreaders and other cameras placed on the legs or beams of the cranes. Visy AI powered OCR software manages the image acquisition, OCR results, and data sharing. Visy RMG OCR works with all RMGs and spreaders regardless of size or type and can be installed at the OEM for new equipment, or onsite as a retrofit.


System configurations

Visy RMG OCR has different configurations depending on how the system will be used:  

1. Container ID recognition only

Visy TopView spreader OCR is designed specifically for this purpose. Cameras and lights are mounted directly on the spreader. Each time the spreader moves a container, TopView captures images of the roof and shares the container ID with third-party systems. 

2. Container ID recognition and damage inspection

Visy TopView is implemented as above, but additional cameras are mounted on the legs or beams of the RMG to capture images of the sides of the container. These images enable inspection of possible damages, helping terminals shed liabilities for containers that arrive damaged.  

3. Position and locations services

Once a container has been identified, the system informs operators where the unit has been placed.



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Enhances accuracy, safety, and security
Reduces operating expenses
Clears liabilities for damaged containers


Automatic recognition of container IDs, ISO codes, IMO labels, Door direction, Seal presence, Gross weight, Number and position of containers in twin and tandem lifts, Operation type (discharge/load)

Damage detection – High-quality imaging for reviewing condition of containers 

Extensive data exchange and interfacing with third-party systems (TOS, POS, ERP)

Terminal tractor identification features with both OCR and RFID

Customizable user applications

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