Automatic identification of domestic and international license plates and container codes

Mobile field units for police authorities, border control, and customs systems

A software application module that can be seamlessly included into your existing software platform

With our solutions, authorities can manage and surveil all vehicle and personnel traffic at border crossings and other security checkpoints.

Our solutions provide secure surveillance and invaluable data for risk analysis. Automatic recognition of domestic and international license plates and container codes helps to quickly identify and find vehicles of interest. Mobile field units for police, customs, and border control provide efficient monitoring on the road, helping agents in the field operate smarter and safer.

Visy’s solutions are highly scalable and flexible, and our delivery and implementation are reliable without exception. Our global high-quality partner network minimizes reaction time and our 30-year experience in delivering access and area control solutions for authorities guarantees top-class solutions and support worldwide.


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Visy solutions help customs and police prevent crime and fraud, and comply with national security initiatives.

Solutions for authorities

Visy Alarm Gate

Visy Alarm Gate is a traffic control system for law enforcement, customs, and border control authorities.