Visy Rail OCR Portal with Visy Train Gate application

Rail cargo OCR for efficient train traffic management

Visy Rail OCR Portal automatically images train traffic and extracts data of wagons and containers that are visiting the terminal area. The imaging environment automates the whole train traffic management procedures by providing accurate information and images of each wagon and cargo to the operating system in real time.

With Visy Rail OCR system, you have the possibility to move manual work from rail tracks to the office. For instance, checking mechanical parts like brakes or chemical tanks’ covers can be automatically done by Visy OCR software. Each Visy Rail OCR system is customized with OCR features to support customer’s unique operations, including features such as wagon ID, wagon length, container ID, container length (20ft/40ft), cargo type, dangerous goods labels, brake position.

High recognition rates and image capturing in any environmental condition

Visy Rail OCR Portal utilizes Visy’s industry-leading AI-powered container OCR software with line scan cameras, laser scanners, and efficient illuminators to capture high-quality images of three sides (both sides and top) in any environmental condition, regardless of possible dirt or damage, and even with speeds of up to 70 km/h. The system validates the captured data to hit high recognition rates of 97-99.5% and the high-quality images keep a record of the condition of containers, therefore helping rail terminal operators shed liabilities for containers that arrive damaged. Also read Visy Automatic Container Damage Detection System

Complementing terminals’ existing system network

Visy Rail OCR Portal environment complements and supports terminals’ existing information and system network through system integrations. The captured information and images are available in Visy Train Gate application and exchanged with local operating system to compare the pre-announced information with the on premises gathered data. If the systems notice differences in information, the customer can easily and retrospectively access images and captured data.

Visy Train Gate for managing the train traffic

Visy Train Gate is the user application to manage the captured train traffic data. With the user interface you can easily review information of each train, wagon, and container, do exception handling, check images, and export reports to fill mandatory documents and manifests.

Operating with Visy Rail OCR Portal & Train Gate system

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Enhances accuracy and security
Reduces operating expenses
Clears liabilities for damaged containers


Automatic imaging of trains, wagons, containers, tanks

Visy’s in-house OCR software for markings and attributes such as container IDs, ISO codes, IMO/ADR labels (dangerous goods labels), brake position, chemical tanks’ covers

Exceptional recognition rate accuracy of 97-99.5%

Non-stop traffic flow; supports speeds of up to 70 km/h

Small footprint and two-directional operation

Works in harsh weather – Installations from -40°C to +50°C

Robust portal frame with high-quality equipment: line scan and area cameras, laser scanners, illuminators, and electrical cabinets (all system design by Visy – equipment off-the-shelf)

Extensive data exchange and interfacing with TOS and other third-party systems

Interface with customs’ inspection X-ray systems (

Applications for container terminals, logistics, manufacturing industry, law enforcement

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