Visy Access Gate

Access management, area guidance, reporting – All managed by one system

Visy Access Gate is a highly versatile access and area control environment to automate and manage all traffic of visitors, vehicles, and personnel in industrial facilities and logistics centers. Automated recognition of vehicles, container IDs, and visitors, alongside personalized area guidance, complements production, ensurewell-functioning traffic processes, and enhancesafety and security of the area.

Increased level of gate automation improves process efficiency and streamlines visitors’ transactions while integrated reporting functionalities provide management tools for monitoring the flow of traffic.

Large selection of recognition technologies

Visy Access Gate covers all access and area control needs with a large selection of recognition technologies and software tools. Access control features and equipment includes options such as RFID devicesself-service kiosks, intercom devices, and info displays. The desktop and web-based user applications provide tools and reporting functionalities for managing access permits and reviewing traffic events, helping to maintain efficient management of cargo and a smooth flow of traffic.

Scalable system environment

Visy Access Gate complements industrial areas existing intelligent networks and manufacturing chains by combining logistics, security, and production through system integrations. The system is a complete access and area control management environment, so integration to third-party systems (ERP) or additional recognition devices is smooth to deliver the benefits of modular ecosystem. The solution is customized according to the needs of customers, enabling agile scaling and expansions alongside changes in facilities operations.




Operating with Visy Access Gate

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Streamline operations

Streamlines gate operations
Reduces operating expenses
Enhances accuracy, safety, and security


Asset and vehicle identification applications with Visy in-house OCR software for attributes such as license plate recognition, container ID, ISO code, weight information, seal presence, trailer ILU codes

Vehicle and driver recognition with RFID, short range UHF

Other identification technologies: such as HID, Desfire, Biometrics, PIN code reader

Area guidance equipment: Information displays, Traffic lights

Area control equipment: Barriers, Gates, Turnstiles

Intelligent Logics and Interfaces: VISY IO (logic connectable to all possible gate equipment), Profibus, XML

Vehicle scales

Driver Kiosks & Safety Apps

Visy Virtual Trigger – Software option to trigger recognition events

Visy Access Net – Web-application for managing access permits and requests, reviewing traffic events, reporting, and authorization

Open interface to third-party systems such as production management, logistics, and loading/dispatch automation with XML messaging

Combines logistics, security, and industrial production

Scalable from a local system to a corporate level management solution

Available as a turnkey solution

"Centralized access control solution with unseen flexibility creates unique benefits that weren’t possible before."

Stora Enso, Anjala Mills

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