Visy RTG OCR enhances operational efficiency and improves safety

Automating rubber-tyred gantry crane (RTG) operations with vision technology increases operational efficiency, safety, and control in container handling. Visy’s OCR applications for RTG cranes automatically recognize the container IDs and verify that each is being recorded and exchanged with TOS. The system has also functionality to prevent accidents by detecting lifting events where twistlocks have been mistakenly left attached to the container.

Value-adding recognition features to improve RTG operations

Every Visy RTG OCR solution is built with the customer’s needs in mind using OCR features that complement their terminal operations the best. If the customer is looking for a solution to better utilize automation in RTG cranes, the system is equipped with features that automatically recognize the container IDs (Visy TopView) and match the container with the vehicle (truck/terminal tractor) or location in the stack (information exchanged with the position detection system). In a case where preventing accidents due to attached twistlocks is the customer’s concern, the system is built with OCR cameras and illuminators to provide a real-time tool to get alerts of locks detected.

Regardless of the need and the range of features, the system executes all recognition tasks in parallel and exchanges the captured data with the TOS in real-time to ensure seamless operations. Together with the recognitions and data exchange, the system increases the transparency of container handling operations, which eventually improves terminals’ KPIs such as lifts per hour.

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Increase accuracy in container moves
Improve safety
Utilize automation in container ID recognititon


Container ID recognition with Visy TopView – spreader OCR

Imaging container long sides with PTZ or fixed cameras depending on the use case (if recognition of ISO code and IMO labels are selected features)

Terminal tractor number recognition

Real-time detection of twistlocks

Extensive data exchange and interfacing with third-party systems (TOS, PLC, CCS)

Robust equipment to match the environment

Supports both new crane deliveries and retrofits with various connectivity options