Vehicle Booking System

Visy’s Vehicle Booking System (VBS) is a solution for booking, preparing, and managing visitor traffic. VBS provides terminal operators identification data of vehicles and cargo in advance, therefore saving time at the terminal’s gate area and making incoming and outgoing traffic flow easier to manage and analyze. In addition to complementing customer experience, VBS supports terminals’ operational planning and improves the traceability of containers.

vehicle booking system

Simple bookings

VBS enables smooth terminal visits for transport coordinators and truck drivers. Preparing a visit with VBS’s user interface is done by picking up an available time slot and entering driver, vehicle, and container details. After the terminal visit has been prepared, customer-specific logic and validations are executed at the gate area to allow access to and from the terminal area. On the premises, the booking information is compared with real-time identification data captured by the terminal’s gate operating system and OCR Portal.

Comprehensive management

VBS gives terminal operators insights and possibilities for reviewing current and upcoming traffic events and truck appointments, while also providing extensive management tools for operational planning. Functionalities of VBS are customizable to ensure a good match with customer preferences and operational requirements. VBS can be seamlessly integrated to a terminal’s existing system base, including Visy Access Gate GOS, Terminal Operating System (TOS), and self-service kiosks. VBS ensures smooth data exchange and well-functioning transactions in every stage of a visit.

Streamlines gate transactions
Increases throughput capacity
Reduces operating expenses


Web and mobile applications for booking terminal visits 

Customizable application to match customers’ operational preferences and requirements

Less time consumed in gate transactions

Up-to-date instructions for truck drivers via SMS messaging

Kiosks validate driver entries to the terminal area with pre-issued PIN codes 

Extensive data exchange and interfacing with GOS and other third-party systems (TOS, POS, ERP)


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