Ports & Terminals

AI powered gate automation and OCR solutions that increase throughput capacity, enhance safety and security, and reduce operating expenses.

Decrease Truck Turnaround Time by up to

Increase STS Gross Moves per Hour by up to

Decrease Cost per Lift by up to

Automated access control and container identification in every turn ensures a smooth traffic flow and increases profits through enhanced operational efficiency. Our product & solution selection for ports and terminals is wide to match the diversity of our customers’ requirements and preferences, and to cover every part of the terminal where identification or tracking of containers, vehicles, and cargo brings new opportunities to streamline operations.

We deliver versatile automation solutions to create comprehensive identification and access control ecosystems. Our global high-quality partner network minimizes reaction time and our experience of three decades in the port and terminal industry guarantees top-class solutions and support worldwide.

Implementation & delivery of our solutions is reliable without exception. With our professional project management and skilled team, we deliver customized and demanding solutions designed to achieve the highest possible advantages of process automation.


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Enhancing and streamlining the safe flow of cargo with world-leading AI powered imaging applications.

Products for Ports & Terminals

Visy Truck OCR Portal

Visy IRIS OCR Portal is a key in terminal automation, by automatically recognizing and imaging of vehicles and containers that are entering or leaving a facility.

Gate Operating System – Visy Access Gate

Visy Access Gate GOS is a highly versatile access control ecosystem designed to streamline terminals’ gate processes.

Automatic Container Damage Detection

Visy Automatic Damage Detection System is the first commercially available solution for automatic container damage inspection. The solution uses modern AI with vision technology to provide a real-time tool for detecting damaged containers.

Visy TopView – Spreader OCR

Visy TopView transforms spreaders into smart devices by automatically identifying container IDs.

Visy Crane OCR

Visy Crane OCR automatically detects and images container identifiers, door direction, seal presence, and other properties while containers are being lifted by cranes.