Visy x ITEA project COMPACT

Faster, more efficient software through automation

The ITEA project COMPACT (Cost-Efficient Smart System Software Synthesis) brought together 15 partners from Austria, Finland, and Germany, including Visy and companies such as Infineon and Bosch, to focus on enhancing IoT software by automating code generation from abstract models, thereby boosting productivity and reducing both manufacturing costs and performance issues. The Finnish consortium members of this groundbreaking project were funded by Business Finland.

The project’s success has notably boosted Visy’s edge AI computing skills, leading to the development of innovative products such as Visy Virtual Trigger.

“Visy Oy’s demonstrator of a vehicle model classifier and license plate recognizer is in use at four customer sites and they expect orders worth EUR 1.8 million for systems with technologies developed in COMPACT. The vehicle model recognition also led to vehicle colour recognition and is currently operational at 20+ customer checkpoints. More importantly, the newly developed computational technologies are an essential part of Visy Oy’s offering to all customer sites, enabling more efficient edge computing.”

Learn more about the COMPACT project: ITEA Magazine #46 (November 2023) – Success story COMPACT